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This post and the comments to it contain spoilers. SPOILERS, I repeat!

1. Lucy was awesome. Spectacular, amazing, wonderful, etc. She looked brilliant in tunic and trousers; I loved how determined she was, that little snarl every time someone got the better of her...
1b. But did they really have to play up the bit about not being as beautiful as Susan? *grumbles* For one thing, there is a whole damn lot more to Susan than just being pretty... And seriously, Lucy's already grown up once, she'd have to *know* that she isn't going to end up looking like Susan, and... *sigh* I know it was in the book, but they wrote out plenty of other things, why keep this one?
1c. HAving said that, I like that we resolved this on the "when you grow up you should be just like you" note. Not exactly a message that CS Lewis seemed to have his head around (everyone is secretly a noble warrior, unless they're a filthy traitor or a lipstick-wearing tart!); I like that the movie!verse isn't telling us that Lucy is the only kind of woman to be, or even the best kind of woman to be.

2. Holy crap they passed the Bechdel test. At least three times - and without majorly screwing up the plot. I am kinda disappointed that Gail didn't get to do much aside from sit around - couldn't we have seen her, I dunno, scrubbing decks? Helping out around ship somehow? But it was lovely to see Lucy being protective, d'awww. Turns out Gail was mostly there for the plot arc mentioned at 1c, which was flimsy... but hey, a plot arc entirely involving women (and one metaphysical lion) is better than no plot arc involving women. And WAY better than working out Lucy's self-image crisis in relation to, say, Caspian.

3. OK, so Caspian's wife-to-be can apparently change her shape at will. Bet *that* makes for an interesting royal sex life.
3b. What, you mean I'm supposed to have something meaningful to say about her? OK, I was entertained by how much she was obviously influenced, in terms of cinematic design, by Yvaine from Stardust (which is recursive, since I would imagine that Yvaine, as character, was at least in part influenced by Ramandu's daughter...).
ED: 3c. In the course of figuring out how to spell Lilliandil, I discovered that the actress, Laura Brent, is Australian! *fistbump of national pride*

4. I am intrigued by the fact that they had Susan writing to Edmund and Lucy, speaking of Narnia. I guess if they never film the Last Battle (which for the love of all that's sensible I hope they do not) they never have to have Susan becoming 'no longer a friend of Narnia'. Hmm.

5. They left the door wide open for the Silver Chair to pick up! Here's hoping they find someone awesome to play Jill Pole :D:D:D:D

COME AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK. When it comes out in your country, anyway. *smug Australian is smug*

6. Speaking of awesome women, I LOVED their use of the Pauline Baynes images at the end - they stood out *wonderfully* in 3D, and it was just so nice to see that as a tribute to her work. :D
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