Jun. 22nd, 2010

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Welcome, ladies and gentlefolk, to the court of the Queens of Narnia. My name's Inept, and I'm Mistress of Ceremonies, by their ladyships' grace, for the next while.

Come in; have a seat; refer to the comm's profile for the rules of the court.


Actual content will be forthcoming soon!
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Alright, let's kick this off with a simple question: who's your favourite woman of Narnia?

Has your preference changed since you first encountered Narnia? Have the new movies influenced your preference?

If you create fanwork, is your favourite character also the woman of whom you write/draw/create other fanworks most often?

Introduce yourselves and get chatting in the comment threads :D.


Hi, I'm Inept, and my favourite character from the Narnia books is Aravis. She's been my favourite since I was a wee squidget, listening to the cassette recordings and reading the school library's copy of The Horse and His Boy. I've always had a soft spot for women in armour, and I liked Aravis' stubborn nature, and her confidence in herself, even as that shaded into arrogance and pride.

The female character whom I write most often, though, is Susan. The new movies definitely influenced my preference here, although I usually write bookverse: I like exploring the themes of girlhood/adulthood, power and sexuality which the PC movie in particular brought out in Susan.

What about you folks?


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