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During the post-Prince Caspian flurry in Narnia Fandom, I had extremely limited broadband, and so didn't watch a single fanvid. It's only really in the last six months that I've regularly watched fanvids, and few of them have been Narnia vids.

So: rec me your favourite fanvids featuring the women of Narnia!

My only contributions to this post are:

In some dreaming state, by [personal profile] be_themoon: a Susan-centric vid. Really excellent song choice, and I love the way the footage splices between LWW and PC, tying them together in non-linear ways (I'm particularly fond of the way Betsy's cut this so that we see Susan drawing her bow in PC and cut straight to dead Aslan in LWW - interesting implication, that!).

Susan, Lucy and Jadis all appear in arefadedaway's multifandom vid 'One Girl Revolution': I have no words for how much I love this vid. I love the fact that it, although the Girl Warriors are there kicking ass and taking names, the vid also celebrates female villains, and it rejoices in curiosity and intelligence as much as violence. I *love* the use of Lucy: particularly the sequence which links the wardrobe door with Lyra's compass, Hermione's Time-Turner and Rose and Martha's TARDIS.
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