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Once a queen in Narnia...

Always a queen in Narnia

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Name:Once a Queen in Narnia...
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Community description:Celebrating the women of Narnia
Always a Queen: a place to celebrate the women of Narnia

Welcome to the Court of the Queens of Narnia

What you can find/post here: discussion, recs, fanworks, movie speculation/responses, anything else you can think of to celebrate the women of Narnia: if it focuses on one or more of the women of Narnia, we want to hear about it.

Although the Comm is entitled "Always a Queen", we are not restricted to the royal characters - this is the place to celebrate Polly as well as Queen Helen, Jill as well as Susan and Lucy... you get the idea.

When posting fanworks, please:
* Use at least 'Viewer Discretion Advised' if posting adult fanworks (whether or not you use 18+ is up to you);

* Use cuts/fake cuts/links to your journal for the text/image of your fanwork;

* Do not lock your post to members-only; do not link to accesslist-only posts;

*Provide content notes or warnings for the following content types: rape/noncon; graphic violence; main character death. You can also make note of anything else you like. You may use a spoiler grey-out over content notes. If it is your policy not to give warnings, please state that you do not give warnings and we are to read at our own risk;

* Use a header which looks something like this:
Title/Description: A FIC ABOUT SUSAN
Rating: General Audiences / Teen+ / Mature / Explicit (if you want to use another ratings system, like G-NC17, that's fine, but the community archives fic according to these four categories)
Pairing/Characters: [if applicable]
Content notes: None apply

You may also wish to include header fields such as author name (especially if your author-name is not your username), summary, beta credit, genre, or copyright disclaimer.

Sample fic header with content notes greyed out and with alt-text for screen readers (replace capitalised text with your own text)

When posting discussion or other content, please:
* Use cut-tags on long or image-heavy posts;
* Use content notes or warnings if your post or something you link to contains rape/noncon or graphic violence, or heavy discussion thereof.

Play nice!
* Wank, flaming, trolling, spamming, etc: please, just don't;
* No outbursts of sexism, racism, ableism, homophobia, slutshaming or other things suggesting that members of one group are inferior to members of another;
* Be nice to your fellow fans, and they'll be nice to you :).

If this is not the comm you're looking for: [community profile] narnia is Dreamwidth's general Narnia appreciation comm, head over there for all kinds of discussion, news and fanworks.

PM me if you have a problem/question/request and I'll do my best to sort it out!
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